1440p testing for Xbox One X is coming soon


1440p testing for Xbox One X is coming soon

According to Kevin Gammill, program manager for Microsoft's Xbox Platform Partner Group, Xbox One X 1440p support is just around the corner for those in the early preview ring.

With the introduction of the union budget for 2018-19, many products have seen an increase in their prices.

He didn't reveal any further details so it's unclear which titles will be receiving upgrades for the Xbox One X and precisely when we can expect them to arrive.

Xbox One X and Xbox One S owners who play on a 1440p compatible monitor stand to gain the most.

Official keyboard and mouse support hasn't been implemented on Xbox One yet, but it is a feature that Microsoft is working on. The graphics engine, processor and high-resolution content streaming capabilities are of top-notch quality. Xbox One X houses a powerful octa-core CPU, which can clock close to 2.3GHz speed and is backed by 6-teraflop Scorpio engine with 1172 MHz GPU having 40 Radeon compute cores. Going by the announcement, it is also known that this price cut is available in Canada and many other markets where the Xbox One console is being sold.

Note that as of now there is no news on the price hike or lack thereof of the Xbox One S and there is no clear news on that front.

Other minor benefits include port reconfiguration and an IR transmitter through which the console can control other devices around, such as the TV. On Friday Gammill wrote that Xbox Insiders owning Xbox One X or Xbox One S consoles would be "pleasantly surprised very soon", with regard to 1440p support.

The latter is dubbed as the most graphically advanced games right now so how does it look like on the Xbox One X and on the PS4 Pro?



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