White House requests $13bn to build Trump's border wall


White House requests $13bn to build Trump's border wall

President Donald Trump's Department of Homeland Security has requested $18 billion in funding to complete a wall on a portion of the USA southern border in an effort to stop illegal immigration, one congressional source and one US official told NBC News on Friday.

The proposal by Customs and Border Protection calls for 505 kilometres of additional barrier by September 2027. The plan involves replacing several sections of that existing barrier and adding more than 300 miles of new fencing.

Support for the border wall in Congress remains tepid, and Trump's insistence on linking the controversial project to the Obama-era DACA program - Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals - could complicate a deal aimed at shielding these young immigrants from deportation.

At the time of the repeal, both President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions claimed that the "Dreamers" were lawbreakers, and that "virtually all" the "top legal experts" believed that DACA was unconstitutional.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) prepared the document for several Senators who requested a detailed ask regarding the administration's border wall plans.

Trump said previous year that he was ending DACA but gave Congress until March to deliver a legislative fix. He said that the administration was undercutting bipartisan efforts to help those protected by DACA with the $18 billion request and other immigration demands.

"President Trump has said he may need a good government shutdown to get his wall", Durbin says.

The Customs and Border Protection document calls for a total of $33 billion in new border spending, including $18 billion for the wall, $5.7 billion for technology gear, $1 billion for road construction and maintenance and $8.5 billion for 5,000 new Border Patrol agents, 2,500 border inspectors and other personnel, the US official said.



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