Video Shows Firefighter Catching Child Tossed From Burning Building


Video Shows Firefighter Catching Child Tossed From Burning Building

The fire took place in Decatur, Georgia at the Avondale Forest Apartments on January 3.

The dramatic moment when a Georgia toddler was thrown from a burning building into the arms of a firefighter was captured on camera.

"We were getting babies like a football, truly", Capt. Eric Jackson said at the scene.

Video of firefighter catching a baby quickly became viral.

A number of other children were dropped from the building and caught by firefighters as well.

Captain Scott Stroup - a third-generation firefighter - was the man shown catching the girl, the DeKalb County Fire Rescue Department said. The child's father desperately threw the child from a third-story balcony to a Dekab County firefighter. "Captain Peckwell and Captain Stewart each caught babies".

"I got halfway up there and here comes a baby into my arms", she said. Obviously the parents trusted us enough to drop their children to our captains. "'Lord, let me catch this baby, '" she told Fox 5 Atlanta.

Also, firefighters were able to pull a woman in a wheelchair out of one of the buildings.

The children between the ages of one month and three years were suffering from smoke inhalation when rescued.

Our thoughts go out to the families affected by the fire and to the courageous women and men of the DeKalb County Fire Department.

Members of the community have rallied around the fire department, hailing the group as "superheros" most all have declined the praise, passing it off as humbly doing their job.



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