Tsunami alert after magnitude 7.6 quake rocks Caribbean Sea north of Honduras


Tsunami alert after magnitude 7.6 quake rocks Caribbean Sea north of Honduras

The US Geological Survey said the quake was was centered 125 miles (202 km) northeast of Barra Patuca in Honduras and 191 miles (307 km) southwest of George Town in the Cayman Islands.

Tsunami advisories have been issued for some Caribbean nations, but not the Bahamas, after an quake in the region on Tuesday night.

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez urged citizens to "stay calm, report emergencies and follow the instructions of authorities".

There were no early reports of injuries or damage on the land.

A 7.6-magnitude quake rocked an island archipelago 150 kilometres off the coast of Honduras late Tuesday, setting off regional tsunami advisories which were later cancelled.

The epicenter is located off the northern coast of Honduras.

Tsunami warning centers initially issued advisories stressing that people in Puerto Rico, the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Jamaica and other Caribbean islands as well as on the coasts of Mexico and Central America should aware of the tsunami danger. The temblor set of tsunami warnings that were canceled and hour later. The tremor was about 25 miles (44 kilometers) east of Honduras' Swan Islands, which are unpopulated except for a small navy post.

Tuesday's quake was one of the largest to hit the Caribbean in recorded history.

Rempel reported himself safe on Wednesday (Jan. 10), revealing that he was staying in Cancun when the natural disaster occurred and could still feel the effects, even though he was just over 400 miles away from Honduras. The natural disaster that devastated Haiti was magnitude 7.0.



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