Trump says any immigration deal with Congress 'has to include the wall'


"Frankly, it's an agreement that I have no problem with, but I had a problem with the agreement that they [the Obama administration, ed.] signed, because as usual they made a bad deal", he said. He had referred to the veteran Democratic senator from California as "Sneaky Dianne Feinstein" just hours before Solberg arrived. Her welcome and their press conference received live and broad coverage back home.

"We need the wall for security", Trump said. She'd made a point in their meeting of stressing how Norway supports the UN's Paris Agreement on climate, and how climate investments can amount to good business. He went on to thank the Prime Minister for troop and humanitarian assistance in the fight against terrorism and ISIS.

Working to cut down on carbon and gas emissions, Norway exempts electric cars from taxes.

Trump's meetings Wednesday with Solberg are also likely to shine a spotlight on Trump's calls for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members to increase their defense spending.

Trump focused his answer primarily on the United States' "very, very powerful military", but said he did not expect imminent war.

Donald Trump also praised Solberg for her recent election victory. Solberg responded by advocating for her country's own strong environmental policies.

"The American economy is doing well and our economic relations are flourishing", Solberg said.

During President Trump's press conference today with the Norwegian Prime Minister, he was asked about a general who recently signaled that Norway would factor into an imminent worldwide conflict.

"I believe Norway will get there quite soon", Trump said. I suppose it's also technically possible that the F-52 is such a super-secret new fighter that we've never heard of it before now, although I'm not convinced that Norway would be the number-one market for that kind of tech. "Russia & the world is laughing at the stupidity they are witnessing".

The White House has declined to confirm reports that Mueller plans to seek an interview with the president, although a spokeswoman has said the White House is cooperating fully with the special counsel's investigation.



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