Saints' Marcus Williams thankful for support day after costly play


Saints' Marcus Williams thankful for support day after costly play

He was placed on injury reserve, but he was reactivated before Minnesota's playoff game against the New Orleans Saints. Doing a "skol" chant, that's like an a-hole after the game - hey, you won. Do that, and they would be headed to the NFC Championship. Minnesota ended up posting a 44-10 victory. The 99-year old superfan made news after she was surprised with tickets to her first-ever playoff game last week, courtesy of the Vikings organization. Next weekend, instead of the usual win-or-go-home stakes, they're in a win-and-go-home situation with the Super Bowl set for February 4 under the reverberating translucent roof of U.S. Bank Stadium. "And so I think one thing is we have to scheme, and our players, we all together, have to ways to make a few chunk plays here and there".

"It was just my play to make", Williams said. "I don't think anybody here is thinking about curses". They have to do that by controlling the line of scrimmage, making plays they've made all season, and keeping the pedal to the metal for the full-time. "And this guy had caught the ball, [Stefon] Diggs, and the next thing I know, he's taking off down the sideline and I'm kind of imagining that this is the way Cowboys fans felt back in the day; that this game is over and the next thing you know, you make a play and everybody's going insane, pandemonium".

60 Minutes (0.8 adults), Wisdom of the Crowd (0.7 adults), NCIS: New Orleans (1.0 adults) and Madam Secretary (0.7 adults) all held steady on CBS.

Rookie cornerback Marshon Lattimore also asked fans to cut Williams a break.

But these ghosts had never dealt with the magic of Case Keenum.

For some, the right move is to just keep him, because even without the stats, Drew Brees is the kind of player that can bring a team together even if it means handing off some responsibility. But with no defenders behind him, the margin for error was slim.

Diggs' completion marked the first time in National Football League history that a team won a postseason game with a touchdown as time expired. Perhaps Williams was trying to avoid the only other very bad outcome, a pass interference penalty and an unrushed field goal try.

"If you want to talk about the game", Bradford said, "I'll talk about the game". It's unbelievable. I'm going to say it over again, God is good. The collision sent both defenders sprawling, and Diggs galloped down the sideline.

"That game, that play to Diggs, is just going in my mind like a thousand million times; just couldn't believe it", Rhodes said. "I have no words". "The rest is history".



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