Moore's Jewish lawyer is a practicing Christian


Moore's Jewish lawyer is a practicing Christian

That lawyer is a man named Martin Wishnatsky, Kayla Moore told on Thursday - and it turns out Wishnatsky is now a practicing Christian. Her statement at a rally just before the election - which Moore lost narrowly - exacerbated the problem, with Jewish commentators saying she was playing to Jewish stereotypes. Then he went to work as a staff attorney for the Foundation for Moral Law, which was founded by Roy Moore and where Kayla Moore works as president.

"I'm a Messianic Jew", Wishnatsky told, a website for several Alabama newspapers. "That's the term they use for a Jewish person who has accepted Christ".

After that, Wishnatsky experimented with Mormonism and later became an evangelical Protestant Christian. News outlets including the Jewish Forward and the Washington Examiner have said that the candidate's wife was referring to Richard Jaffe, a Jewish lawyer who represented the couple's son, Caleb Moore, when he was charged with drug possession several years ago.

Wishnatsky said he attends Centerpoint Fellowship Church in Prattville, Alabama.

He has always been active in the anti-abortion movement and served 18 months in prison for blocking abortion clinics.

"He came to Fargo to speak at a banquet for a Christian maternity home", Wishnatsky told the site. "I drove him to the airport". He met the Alabama judge in 1996 after he had gotten involved in Christianity and conservative activism, particularly around issues like abortion and the Ten Commandments.

He also told the publication that he believed the various accusations against Moore were a form of character assassination.

Wishnatsky was not the only Liberty connection to Moore's failed Senate campaign. Moore has denied the allegations, and Wishnatsky said they were "implausible". It's whether you take God seriously.

Also during the campaign, the Moores were accused of anti-Semitism after Roy Moore gave a radio interview in which he implied that liberal philanthropist George Soros, who is Jewish, is going to hell.

This explanation differs from the person who many publications thought the Moores were referencing as their lawyer.

When asked by on whether he identifies himself as a Jew or a Christian, he said he's both.

And unlike Jaffe, he was definitely not a Jones supporter. Since the election results, Wishnatsky has been sharply critical of Jones, attacking him for his pro-abortion rights stance in an editorial for Alabama Political Reporter. "Jones's candidacy is a stark reminder of how ungodly the Democratic Party has become", he wrote.



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