LG unveils world's first rollable TV ahead of CES 2018


LG unveils world's first rollable TV ahead of CES 2018

Over the weekend, several large consumer technology companies used the CES platform to launch brand-new OLED products. Hence, there is no need of elucidating the capability of LG to manufacture brilliant displays.

The South Korean company also showed off its latest range of smart kitchen wares, including the LG InstaView ThinQ refrigerator with a 29-inch touchscreen for displaying recipes and the LG EastClean oven, which is capable of automatically pre-heating at a specified time.

The E8 is a direct parallel to the E7, and brings the W8's technology to a more conventional TV. You can also use it to search food recipes and make video calls while you cook. The 8K resolution provides intense pixel density, making the visual crystal-clear and stunning.

LG's concept rollable TV has all the bells and whistles with an 65-inch diagonal bezel-free form factor and 8K resolution. LG has not announced any plans to release the displays to the market, so technology savvy consumers and early adopters who want to try them out may have to wait for some more time. Users, LG said, will let viewers use their voice to pull up info about actors on screen, weather forecasts, stream music and set timers for when the TV is to be turned off, and implement other TV-controlling functions.

The company said that developing TVs with OLEDs is easy, as the self-emissive nature helps in reducing the aperture ratio without reducing the brightness.

LG touts the portability and storage options made available by its new rollable television.

By seeing LG's arsenal for CES 2018, most probably the company might be the show stealer at CES 2018. The SUPER UHD TVs with FALD allow denser backlighting zones throughout the display, unlike edge lighting, in which backlights are positioned on the edges of the TV panel. And, this is a reason why LG is building a new production facility in Guangzhou, China to develop OLED panels.

But, this pretty nifty rollable feature should come in handy when it comes to preventing accidental damage. It was an 18-inch "rollable" TV sporting 1200x810 resolution.

The FZ950 also offers a Blade speaker system built into the pedestal that has been tuned by Panasonic's high-end audio brand, Technics.

LG has not confirmed any potential release and we can not say what the price tag it will get.



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