Kodi, Formerly Xbox Media Center, Lands on Xbox One


Kodi, Formerly Xbox Media Center, Lands on Xbox One

The infamous yet completely legal media player Kodi is finally available for the Xbox One console.

You can download Kodi on your Xbox One from the link below, or just search for the app in the Xbox Store.

Kodi definitely appeals to cord-cutters and the app is known for allowing people to download third-party plug-ins that illegally stream movies and television.

If you didn't know, the Kodi media player application started out as XMBX aka Xbox Media Center. Since Microsoft officially will not provide TV services or DVR services, the Kodi workaround is the best solution. While Kodi itself is a blank canvas on which you can put any kind of content you want, it's been criticized by some who say that it's used for piracy.

European Xbox One owners are first to receive the app, which can be installed on consoles via the Microsoft Store.

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The feature is still in the early stages of development and, according to the company, has some "very rough edges" that they are attempting to work out, reports Mirror Online.

However, the Xbox One version of Kodi won't deliver all of the features you might expect from the service. Blu-ray and attached storage support is also a big missing feature, but I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before those get added in as other Xbox One apps now support external storage. The free app is not yet finished, and it only lets you browse (and therefore play) certain parts of the user's music and video folders.

The only differences or changes that Microsoft have done to the image is that they have changed the camera view of the image as well as added an Xbox One X controller and a small loot crate located to the right of the character. Network support is also limited to NFS:// shares.

For now, the app will not be able to access external storage devices or the Blu-Ray Drive.

There might be problems with some add-ons. And that's a good thing for media junkies.



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