Israel Releases Blacklist Of 20 'Boycott' Groups


Israel Releases Blacklist Of 20 'Boycott' Groups

Israel's Strategic Affairs Ministry has placed the left-wing, California-based Jewish Voice for Peace and five other US groups on a BDS blacklist.

Numerous organizations on the list are affiliated with the "boycott, divestment and sanctions" movement, or BDS, which discourages the purchase of Israeli goods and pressures worldwide companies and celebrities to avoid doing business with or in Israel.

Unfortunately, the Israeli government is not willing to see beyond its contempt for a peaceful movement such as BDS, even when the group in question did so much to help their own during one of the most horrific periods of world history. The ministry issued the full list on Sunday after the Hadashot news report.

The BDS movement calls for governments, businesses and individuals to cut ties with Israeli entities, with the aim of forcing Israel to change its policies in the occupied territories.

Six U.S. groups, including the Code Pink, the American Friends Service Committee, which was awarded the 1947 Nobel Peace Prize for assisting and rescuing victims of the Nazis, and the left-wing organization Jewish Voice for Peace are included in the list, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported.

Palestinians demonstrators react during a protest against the visit of Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III during a protest against his visit the Church of the Nativity in the West Bank city of Bethlehem Saturday Jan. 6 2018. Palesti
Israel Releases Blacklist Of 20 'Boycott' Groups

Erdan's office said the list would be provided to Israel's immigration authority, but it wasn't clear how the ban would be enforced, including for Israeli citizens who might be members of the groups.

The Interior Ministry will be responsible for enforcing the list, reportedly beginning in March. "JVP members have no doubt about the justice of fighting for equality and freedom for all people in Israel/Palestine, and the legitimacy and efficacy of BDS to bring that day closer".

Among those featured on the list are six USA organizations, including two run by Jewish activists - Jewish Voice for Peace and Code Pink.

This has fueled a lot of opposition backlash, with many waring that it's just going to further distance those NGOs from the situation inside Israel and make changing their minds harder.

"As the minister in charge of the Israel Entry Law, I made it perfectly clear that I would use my authority to prevent individuals and representatives of groups whose sole goal is to harm Israel and its security, from entering its borders".



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