Hyundai unveils its next generation fuel-cell vehicle


Hyundai unveils its next generation fuel-cell vehicle

The Korean auto maker has just debuted its next-generation fuel cell vehicle at 2018 CES in Las Vegas and has announced that 20 NEXOs will be supplied to the ACT Government in 2019 as part of its Hornsdale Wind Farm project.

In this photo taken January 8, 2017, and provided by Hyundai Motor, Hyundai Motor Vice Chairman Chung Eui-sun (R) and Aurora Innovation's CEO Chris Urmson shake hands beside the NEXO at CES 2018. Hyundai did not confirm whether that technology will be offered on the US version of Nexo when it debuts later this year or will follow at some future date.

The NEXO is a svelte-looking SUV, with subtle surfacing and a "floating" roof design giving it a swoopy stance. Hyundai also says the new powertrain is more durable and can withstand temperatures ranging from -20º F (-29º C) to 120º F (49º C).

Where NEXO's predecessor was based on the compact SUV, ix35, NEXO is built on a unique platform allowing for improved location of the battery and much improved cabin space, according to Hyundai. The automaker has been pushing for fuel cell EVs for a few years, but they're only one of a handful doing so. But more importantly, the Nexo has an estimated range of 800km on a full tank, compared to the iX35 Fuel Cell's 590km. The company says the result is 25 percent better peak acceleration and a zero-to-60-mph time for the Nexo of 9.5 seconds, besting the Tucson's 12.5-second sprint.

Hyundai is one of several automakers still aggressively pursuing hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, and this new hydrogen-powered crossover, called Nexo, is the company's next step in bringing that tech to the public.

Among the Nexo's new systems are a blind-spot monitor that displays vision of the adjacent lane on the central screen when changing lanes, as well as the latest in lane-keeping assistance and hands-free highway driving systems. These features include a new wide-angle camera on both sides of Nexo that provide the driver a view of blind spots in the gauge cluster.

Hyundai's hydrogen-powered Nexo can drive further and charge faster than a Tesla
Hyundai NEXO Fuel-Cell Crossover Revealed at CES 2018 [PHOTO GALLERY]

The new Nexo features a slew of Level 2 autonomous features, but is expected to be Level 4 capable.

The innovations don't end there: a highway driving assistant automatically adjusts speed to ensure greater safety in limited environments, while a smart remote parking system means the vehicle can park itself. The Highway Driving Assist system uses sensors and map data to automatically adjust the vehicle's speed.

The new crossover-utility vehicle also boasts Remote Smart Parking Assist that lets Nexo autonomously park or retrieve itself from a garage or parking space with or without a driver in the auto.

"With that, they see the price of fuel cell vehicles can drop dramatically as the popularity grows".

When Hyundai showed the FCEV pre-production concept in summer 2017, we knew the final version would look very similar.



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