HP recalls computer batteries due to fire and burn hazards


HP recalls computer batteries due to fire and burn hazards

The company has announced it is recalling batteries for notebooks and mobile workstations due to concerns of overheating.

HP says it has received eight reports from users pertaining to the Lithium-ion batteries "overheating, melting, or charring".

For more information, call HP toll-free at 888-202-4320 from 8 a.m.to 7 p.m. CT Monday through Friday or go online at www.HP.com/go/batteryprogram2018 or www.hp.com and click "Recalls".

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If you have an HP laptop, you'll want to see if you're impacted by a new voluntary recall. "For this reason, it is extremely important to check whether your battery is affected". Three of those customers also reported property damage totalling $4,500, and one reported a first degree burn on their hand. HP strongly recommends accepting Battery Safety Mode so that the notebook or mobile workstation can be safely used by connecting to an HP power adaptor.

The computer maker said the troublesome batteries were sold with the following products over the last two years: Envy, HP11, HP Pavilion, HP ProBook, HP Studio G3 and ZBook models.

Consumers are encouraged to immediately stop using these batteries and to visit the Health Canada website to recall the HP batteries to determine if their product is covered and to order another free battery, if applicable. Batteries for some of these are not replaceable by users, but whatever the case, HP says it will handle getting a safe battery into owners' devices.

The recall affects about 50,000 machines sold in the U.S., in addition to about 2,600 in Canada.



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