Hisense's latest 4K TVs will include Amazon Alexa


Hisense's latest 4K TVs will include Amazon Alexa

Initially, there are four new capability interfaces in the Smart Home Skill API - Alexa.Cooking, Alexa.Cooking.TimeController, Alexa.TimeHoldController, and Alexa.CookingPresetController.

According to a CNBC report, Amazon is talking with advertisers and brands Clorox and Procter & Gamble about advertising via its Alexa voice device.

Hisense has now been using its own TV platform on its smart TVs, with some running the Roku operating system. Rather than focusing primarily on how to sell devices to new customers, vendors will look to things like advertising, content subscription, premium services or enterprise products to monetize their installed base of current users. Besides controlling the TV, the remote can be the voice gateway to the LG smart home hub, essentially the TV.

Amazon has today announced that its smart voice assistant, Alexa, will soon be able to control microwaves and ovens, with further plans to support other cooking appliances too. The move will lead to June adding Alexa commands once oven support is available.

That's June Oven, the touchscreen-fronted smart appliance that was announced back in 2015. Some of the highlights will be shopping, using smart home devices and much more.

Amazon is bringing Alexa to smartwatches and headphones
Amazon announces Alexa is coming to headphones, smartwatches and fitness trackers

Prices and availability aren't stated at this time.

Amazon Prime Video's Australian library isn't as extensive as Netflix but still offers a wide variety of movies and TV shows including Amazon originals like The Grand Tour, American Gods and The Man in the High Castle. From TVs to smart locks, lights and now ovens - we're gaining more ability to link products together, having them work in tandem when they're operated through a central system like a voice assistant.

Hisense has said that their huge 100-inch laser TV will have built-in Amazon Alexa, which is a nice touch.

We'll be closely tracking Amazon's announcements and other related news at CES, so stay tuned for more coverage. Plus users will be able to try it themselves as the company will also demo Alexa support at its booth in Las Vegas.



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