Dog almost dies from severe burns caused by human hair dye


Dog almost dies from severe burns caused by human hair dye

Three months after the incident, the pup is fit as a fiddle and spoiled by its new owners.

Dying your hair neon colours might be all the rage on humans these days, but an animal shelter in Florida has issued a stern warning not to pass the style on to pets.

According to the Pinellas County Animal Services, Violet, a Maltese mix, was brought in for treatment around October with her injuries, and staff didn't think she'd make it through the night. Here's why human hair dye should not be used on pet animals.

The white Maltese mix's eyes were swollen shut, she was limp, and had noticeable burns on her skin, according to the Facebook post.

The centre said that Violet soon became more confident and started coming out of her shell. Our pets are lovely just the way they are - and frankly, if you think otherwise, you might want to reconsider taking the responsibility of caring for an animal. "And she came in the next morning and we were amazed that she had made it through the night". The dog's skin was so damaged it started to slough off after the staff shaved the animal's hair. The first thing they did was examine Violet to see how extensive her injuries were.

"It was so much worse than we initially thought - but would this little dog make it through?!?!" they wrote.

Animal Services shelter director Doug Brightwell said "a good Samaritan" found Violet wandering around as a stray and dropped her off at an emergency after-hours clinic in St. Petersburg.

For cats, in particular, hair dyes and certain chemicals can be toxic. However, there's one thing everyone should take away from her story: Do not use human hair dye on pets.

"We can only assume because we dont know what actually happened or why they did it", Brightwell said. She has now been placed with responsible owners The Independent reports. He added the shelter has built a case against the former owner should they ever appear.

And, when her bandages came off, although she still had a pink tinge to her coat, they even managed to find her a new owner to take care of her. It received pain medications, scab removals, IV fluids, honey treatments, and antibiotics.

"When the final badges came off we breathed a collective sigh of relief – Violet was lovely", the post read. "I am so attached to her because she is the sweetest dog ever, and what they did for her is just incredible and phenomenal". It nearly killed her.

Violet is also getting along well with Andersons other dogs, Mushu and Sushi, who are both shih tzus. She has been adopted by a loving family.



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