Clark County has excessive flu exercise, says report


Clark County has excessive flu exercise, says report

There were 1,750 new flu-associated hospitalizations in OH during the first week of January. There have been 3,854 total flu-associated hospitalizations since flu season began last October.

The H3N2 virus caused a majority of the cases, a strain that's especially unsafe because it affects the elderly and those with weak immune systems. While Denton County hasn't seen quite that volume of hospitalizations, Denton County Public Health chief epidemiologist Juan Rodriguez said the uptick in cases is still noticeable and noticeably early.

According to state data, previous year three people had died in influenza, but by the end of the February, it had taken 68 lives in California.

Gratton said that health unit is hearing about a lot more flu activity in surrounding areas and viruses can be picked up by people travelling there.

National media outlets are reporting that the flu virus is less effective than usual this year, which could be a cause of the severe season.

Healthy lifestyle habits can also protect you from seasonal illness. "But even if it isn't the exact strain, or a hundred-percent match, which it really can't be, it still provides some coverage, and if people do get the flu, if they've gotten the flu shot, it usually is not as severe or as long". In Dayton Children's emergency department last week, there were 220 positive tests for the flu, which was 30 percent of those tested.

Nash also said the flu season started late last year and early this year and also urged people to get a flu shot to help battle the illness.

KRMC saw 39 flu patients the week before Christmas, 78 the week after Christmas and 86 in the first week of the New Year, spokeswoman Teri Williams said.

Delhi government has issued advisory with regard to prevention of seasonal influenza - H1N1 or Swine Flu.

In addition to vaccination, public information officer Alexandra Reed said consistent hand washing and staying home if you are sick are the keys to preventing the virus' spread.

That's probably an underestimation of the true number because health care providers aren't required to report cases to the health department, and many people don't seek health care, Scherzer said. "However, if the next person that walks in is sicker than you, they will go first".

Symptoms of flu can include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue.



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