Apple's battery replacement offer to reduce 2018 iPhone sales: Barclays


Apple's battery replacement offer to reduce 2018 iPhone sales: Barclays

When iOS 11 was released in Fall 2017, suspicion that the company deliberated slowed older iPhones - to boost iPhone X sales - only grew.

Note that your older iPhone may not be throttled if you're running an older version of iOS. Once again, conspiracy theories about Apple boosting iPhone sales by annoying customers into upgrading flooded the web.

Apple's modified pricing for out-of-warranty battery replacements will be available throughout December 2018. The prediction, which has been made by Trend Micro, also states that the iPhone X might also get a bigger "Plus" variant with a 6.2-inch display.

Apple's iPhones in a mosaic pattern. Slower CPU speed prevented phones from shutting down or components from being damaged. Battery life is most peoples No. 1 complaint about their phones, and maintenance is a long-overdue part to smartphone ownership. By Christmas, the situation was spiraling into a PR catastrophe. Along with an apology, Apple said it would replace the battery on any model of the iPhone 6 or later for just $29. The company had revenue of $52.58 billion for the quarter, compared to analyst estimates of $50.71 billion.

Apple's latest troubles began coming to a boil earlier this month after a Reddit user described problems with a slow iPhone 6s and traced the problem to the device's aging battery.

Additionally, the report also mentions that the flagship iPhone X and iPhone X Plus will also bring in the second generation of FaceID, which will naturally be more improved than the current technology.

Apple could miss out on 16 million iPhone upgrades in 2018.

According to Moskowitz, as many as 77 per cent of iPhone users could be eligible to get battery upgrades, meaning that Apple will not only have to shell out a hefty sum of cash, but that many buyers will therefore put off buying a new iPhone.

About three-quarters of the 675 million iPhones now in use would be eligible and potentially in need of the battery upgrade, Moskowitz estimates.

Barclays said it may affect iPhone unit sales if majority would decide to take the battery replacement offer instead of upgrading their iPhones to the updated ones. However, it criticised Wall Street for being "too optimistic about the iPhone X super cycle". Stone House Investment Management LLC now owns 1,570 shares of the iPhone maker's stock valued at $226,000 after purchasing an additional 6 shares during the last quarter.

And then there's the competition. When Apple makes repairing phones as easy buying new ones, it saves us money and its better for the environment.



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