Amazon "very likely" to bid for Premier League



Broughton said he has been told that the digital giant is interested in adding to its sports footprint by making a tilt at the Premier League, Europe's most prized live sports broadcast asset. Amazon will place its bid for the Premier League games sometime next month. The firm have previously said they would "look to add content that Prime members want".

The Telegraph has revealed that the world's biggest internet company, worth £100bn, has been consulting with experts about the operational intricacies needed to televise one of the world's most popular sports leagues.

The last BT and Sky deal, inked in 2015, covered 168 live games per season for a three-season price of £5.14 billion and has seen an explosion in the finances available to top-tier clubs. He said they would absolutely enter the bidding race for the next round of television rights. It would be a big step for the company, which already streams Thursday night National Football League games and ATP Tennis, though going up against the likes of Sky and BT means the rights aren't going to be cheap. The deal was the first major TV sports rights deal for the online retailer.

BT and Sky paid a record £5.14bn when they won the domestic Premier League rights in 2015
BT and Sky paid a record £5.14bn when they won the domestic Premier League rights in 2015

Amazon's deals for live sport have so far focused on tennis and the National Football League, which are not the biggest draws for a United Kingdom audience that is far more interested in soccer. On a telephone call with investors, Woodward spoke of the tech companies' recent interest in sports rights around the world, including a bid from Facebook for Indian cricket matches.

Some observers are sceptical about the likelihood of a bid for Premier League football, however.

It would mean a bumper payday for the Premier League - who raked in more than £8billion from their last domestic and worldwide TV rights auctions - as the Silicon Valley titans have billions to invest. Streaming giant Netflix will reportedly stay out of the EPL TV bidding. Early moves from Amazon will likely fuel speculation of a challenge to the two companies.



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