Amazon is making a major play for Windows PCs


You'll be able to perform the same commands as ever with the voice assistant - checking your calendar, managing smart-home devices and playing music, podcasts and other content - but we wonder if Alexa will ever take over some of the PC-management powers from Cortana.

The integration is not related to the Cortana-Alexa partnership, an Amazon spokesperson told VentureBeat. That computer, like Acer's Amazon-supported PCs, also contains custom Intel audio processors that are meant to help Alexa better hear and respond to people's voices.

Already PC makers are saying their machines will include support for Alexa such as HP with its new Pavillion Wave system.

"Voice is a natural interface for interacting with technology and can make everyday tasks simpler", Steve Rabuchin, vice president of Amazon Alexa, said in the release. In addition to Asus, HP has also announced today a new version of its Pavilion Wave desktop PC with Alexa.

The list of devices that will work with Alexa is likely to be substantial.

Perhaps, most interestingly, the newly integrated PCs will show findings on screen, as well as audibly delivering information, with other Alexa integrations only able to perform the latter.

Amazon has started to integrate its Alexa assistant to desktops by an app designed for Windows. As Google and Apple continue growing and expanding their own personal assistants, Amazon has maintained its lead on those companies by getting Alexa into as much hardware as possible. "We're delighted that ASUS will bring the Alexa experience to its laptop models - providing hands-free voice capabilities, and tens of thousands of skills, to PC customers at their desks and on-the-go". The rollout of the Alexa-Cortana integration, announced previous year, has been delayed but is expected to start soon. Besides a select notebooks, Acer plans to rollout Alexa to the V6820M/i 4K UHD Projector. And you'll find Alexa on so many devices these days, from light bulbs to ovens to vacuum cleaners, but heading to Windows 10 PCs is a very big deal considering how many people use and rely on Windows PCs every day.



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