2017 recorded safest year in history for commercial passenger flights


2017 recorded safest year in history for commercial passenger flights

The Aviation Safety Network - which records both passenger and cargo flights - reported a global total of 10 fatal airliner accidents that left 79 people dead, with 35 of those on the ground. The last fatal crash involving a commercial aircraft in the US was the Colgan Air crash in 2009.

Adrian Young, of To70, says "Twenty-seventeen is the safest year for aviation ever.' On ther hand he admits civil aviation still has "a very high risk".

Given the expected worldwide air traffic of about 36,800,000 flights, the accident rate in 2017 was one fatal passenger flight accident per 7,360,000 flights, said ASN.

Dutch aviation consulting firm To70 and the Aviation Safety Network both reported Monday there were no commercial passenger jet fatalities in 2017.

Last year was the safest year ever for commercial aviation, worldwide, according to statistics compiled by a Dutch affiliate of the USA -based nonprofit Flight Safety Foundation.

In 2016, 412 people were killed in the United States in aviation accidents - almost all in general aviation accidents and none on commercial passenger airlines. Additionally, a record period of 792 days passed since the previous civil aircraft accident claiming over 100 lives.

One out of 10 accident airplanes was operated by an airline on the European Union's (EU) "blacklist".

It was also noted that if non-commercial flights and military incidents were included, fatalities would jump to 230 over 24 accidents. The 2017 numbers were "still the lowest numbers in modern aviation history", according to Harro Ranter, the chief executive for ASN.

The Aviation Safety Network is an independent organisation located in the Netherlands. The Hill contacted the president's press office, asking exactly what steps the president had taken to improve airline safety. ASN is an exclusive service of the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF). The ASN compiled these figures from its airliner accident database, which it says is based on information from authoritative and official sources.



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