YouTube to be withdrawn from Amazon Fire TV in bitter streaming war


YouTube to be withdrawn from Amazon Fire TV in bitter streaming war

"Given this lack of reciprocity".

Google made this decision for a number of reasons: Amazon doesn't sell Google products like the Chromecast or Google Home, it won't make Prime Video available for Google Cast and Google claims Amazon violated a Terms of Service agreement by overlaying Alexa voice controls on its YouTube app. Meanwhile, the e-commerce site thinks Google is setting a disappointing precedent by selectively blocking access to an open site. In its own statement, Seattle-based Amazon said its gadgets now send users to the YouTube website, and the company hopes to resolve the dispute as soon as possible. Amazon's high-end Echo Show has a screen that can display video.

In a row that has simmered over the past two years between Google and Amazon, tempers appear to have flared in the latest spat between the two global tech giants.

Google blocked YouTube access via the Echo Show, Amazon's smart speaker with a touchscreen, on Tuesday and will stop supporting YouTube on Amazon's Fire TV set-top box on January 1. YouTube has more than one billion users worldwide, close to one third of total internet users, and the inability to watch it on Amazon devices is a major inconvenience.

For Google, however, the loss of revenue from Amazon's website, and the minor inconvenience of Amazon apps not casting is nearly inconsequential.

Is Jeff Bezos and Amazon set to take over the world?

Alphabet pulling YouTube from the Inc. Roku's players feature channels for watching both Prime video and YouTube.

YouTube then returned to the Echo Show, but instead of being a fully fledged application, it was nothing more than the web version, which is optimized for a mouse and keyboard - not the Echo Show's voice-controlled interface. The latest feud in Silicon Valley became more obvious and public on December 5 when Google said that it would block its popular video-streaming app YouTube from two Amazon streaming devices, criticising Amazon for not selling Google's products on its platform.



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