You Can See An Enormous Supermoon Illuminating Vancouver This Weekend


You Can See An Enormous Supermoon Illuminating Vancouver This Weekend

This supermoon won't be quite as special as last year's.

The moon won't actually change during this event, but it will be a lot closer to earth. The Moon takes about 27.32 days to orbit Earth.

But that doesn't mean Sunday's view won't still be spectacular. According to National Geographic, the supermoon will appear up to 16 percent brighter and seven percent larger than what it normally looks like.

A supermoon occurs when a full moon coincides with what scientists call the moon's "perigee" - the point in its orbit when the moon makes its closest approach to Earth. It will appear its biggest and brightest because of a "moon illusion" effect that's created when you are able to compare the lunar body to other objects for scale, like buildings and foliage.

What Makes a Supermoon Super?

The astronomical term for a supermoon is "perigee syzygy".

A supermoon in 2016 seen over Lancashire
A supermoon in 2016 seen over Lancashire

That's because the timing has to be just right.

Get your eyes to the sky, America, because the supermoon is coming. The moon will reach its perigee when it will be at a distance of 222,135 miles (357,492 kilometers) from earth on December 4 at 3:45 a.m. EST (0845 GMT, 2.15 IST).

There are plenty of places around the USA where you can enjoy the Supermoon as long as the sky is clear, even if just for a minute. "It's too early to pinpoint areas that will have the best viewing conditions since it will depend on the evolution of that weather system and how fast it moves east".

The exact moment of the full moon is the morning of December 3 at 10:46 a.m. ET, (9:46 a.m. CT, 8:46 a.m. MT, and 6:46 a.m. PT), said.

When is the next supermoon?

If you miss the massive lunar spectacle on December 3, you won't have to wait long for the next supermoon to appear. This supermoon will be the first in the series of three consecutive full moon supermoons, the next two to occur in January.



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