WHO Will Classify 'Gaming Disorder' as Mental Illness in 2018


WHO Will Classify 'Gaming Disorder' as Mental Illness in 2018

The World Health Organization will add Gaming Disorder to its International Classification of Diseases next year.

"I don't think people should always just jump to the conclusion because someone likes to play video games", Jones says.

A tentative draft of the ICD defines gaming disorder as "a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior, which may be online or offline".

Another warning is the point at which somebody picks games over different interests and activities throughout everyday life and continues playing in spite of the negative results and, at some point, will start being obvious.

Standard treatment for technology-associated addictive behaviour, he said, involves quantifying gaming patterns, assessing dysfunctions and motivating patients to initially change lifestyles to reduce gaming durations.

According to the World Health Organization, gaming disorder is characterized by a pattern of persistent gaming behaviour, which may be online or offline and evident over a period of at least 12 months.

In a draft of WHO's 11th update of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), gaming disorder has been included in the category of "mental, behavioural or neurodevelopmental disorders".

Do you devote a significant portion of your life to video games?

Rewari added he had friends that were failing school because of video game addiction. More recently in 2010, a couple that was occupied playing a game neglected to feed their 3-month-old baby, who died of malnutrition.

The American Psychiatric Association had in its diagnostic manual of mental disorders in 2013 identified "Internet gaming disorder" as a condition warranting more clinical research and experience before it might be considered for inclusion as a formal disorder.

But to be clear, this doesn't mean that all gaming is addictive or could lead to a disorder. Also, video games can "improve hand-eye coordination and reaction time". It also lists conditions medical personnel can use to decide if a gamer's behaviour can be described as a mental health disorder.



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