PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gets a new map just before launch


BlueholeAn official "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" screenshot shows off one of Miramar's industrial areas.

In a Steam community post, Bluehole detailed how Miramar offers "unique terrain and dense urban areas", something entirely new to PUBG.

Developers of the famous battle royale shooter "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" ("PUBG") has finally revealed details about the new desert map. So what kind of loot can players look forward to on the Microsoft system?

The map is named Miramar, and unlike Erangel's very green and woodland environment, the new one is situated in a desert.

The shipping and transport capitol of Miramar, La Cobrería's most prominent feature is it's enormous Rail Yard.

El Pozo is interesting for its Luchador Arena, where players can "test themselves against all comers".

A "town besieged". By the sounds of it Monte Neuvo is an ad-hoc fortress, with hastily built defenses and well-stocked with gear. Valle Del Mar is located near the coast and is home to a church, a school and of course, a bridge going in and out of it. The key to holding this town is bridge control, as it's the only direct route between mainland and the island. Here, players will hunt and be hunted among the half-buried cargo of a long dead industry. It's supposed to showcase more arcade-based features, but it's largely related to vanilla PUBG. In Pecado, players will come across a bit casino, which is said to be filled with high value loot and big four-story hotels.

Chumacera is the husk of Miramar's once thriving textile industry. You'll find abandoned factories here overlooking a main road that is lined with old houses and shops. This looks like a prime location for loot, which usually makes it incredibly risky.



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