Pennsylvania woman gets $284 billion electric bill


Pennsylvania woman gets $284 billion electric bill

Mary Horomanski checked her online account this month and found she owed $284 billion to the electric company-a fortune worth more than the national debts of Hungary and South Africa combined, the Erie Times-News reported. She was charged $284 billion by Penelec, her electricity provider. She suspected that her family had put up their Christmas lights wrong.

"My eyes just about popped out of my head", Horomanski said.

The stunned homeowner was, however, given the leeway to pay the massive amount on her electric bill by November 2018.

It all ends well, as Penelec confirmed that the statement, amounting to $284,460,000,000, was an error on their part.

Horomanski texted her son who got in touch with Penelec to determine the actual amount.

After speaking with her son, who promptly contacted the utility company, she learned that the entire episode had thankfully been nothing more than a weird error.

Fortunately, a spokesperson for the energy company said the bill was an error after a decimal point was moved.

"We appreciate the customer's willingness to reach out to us about the mistake", Durbin continued. "I told him I want a heart monitor", Horomanski said jokingly, referring to the Christmas present she demanded from her son for this year. "I opened it up and there it was", she told the Washington Post.



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