Obama to Speak as World Mayors Sign Chicago Climate Charter


Obama to Speak as World Mayors Sign Chicago Climate Charter

"But in a case where there is an absence of leadership, we'll step in and use all the tools of authority to do exactly what we need to do, whether it's on environment policy or climate change", Emanuel said.

USA TODAY has obtained a draft of the "Chicago Charter", an agreement that at least 36 US cities are slated to sign Tuesday at the North American Climate Summit in Chicago.

President Donald Trump said in June that the USA will withdraw from the Paris climate accord.

Leaders attending the North American Climate Summit in Chicago this week signed a charter aligning with the commitments of the Paris Climate Agreement, despite President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the accords earlier this year.

In Chicago, Emanuel says the city is already about 40% toward meeting its 2025 goals. "Western cities across North American are dealing with longer and harsher wildfire seasons".

He also said that "a conveyor belt of some of the strongest hurricanes on record this summer smashed into Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico, and more than two months later they are still struggling to recover".

Despite Trump's unwillingness to participate until the agreement is renegotiated, individual American companies - along with USA states and cities - have stepped up their commitment to the deal. "And that's a hard position to defend", Obama said, according to The Chicago Tribune.

It has until 2020 to adopt the Paris climate agreement and act in accordance with the objectives of the treaty. "There were skeptics who said these actions would kill jobs and depress growth". In signing the charter, cities also commit to tracking and publicly reporting city emissions.

On Tuesday, they will sign the Chicago Climate Charter, which aligns with the Paris climate accord, an agreement President Donald Trump's Administration pulled the US out of earlier this year.

Former US President Barack Obama has spoken of his frustration that America is pulling out of the 2015 climate accord.

Obama did not mention President Trump by name, but urged officials in attendance to continue efforts to combat climate change, regardless of the current administration's position. However, Trump was still made guest of honor at Bastille Day celebrations in Paris in July, with Macron saying he hoped to change the American president's mind on the issue.

Obama pointed out that after his administration took steps to cut carbon emissions and signed on to the Paris climate accord "we saw the United States economy grow consistently". Trump has said the terms of the agreement should be more favourable to businesses and taxpayers.

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