Netflix officially renews Stranger Things for third season


Netflix officially renews Stranger Things for third season

"We don't actually know", Ross told E! at the Season 2 premiere.

In any case, the show is coming back for more.

It's official. Netflix announced on Friday that it has renewed the hit series "Stranger Things" for a third season. It felt totally unnecessary, when we had the Snow Ball.

Should we make another season of Stranger Things?

We hope somebody finally disposed of the dead Demodog in the Byers' refrigerator because Stranger Things is officially returning for a third season, and that home has been through enough.

Last year, we had a lot of little cliffhangers at the end of the season. "Hold on to your nail bats, Season 3 is officially happening". The announcement should come as no surprise as the first two seasons proved to be very big hits for the network.

That said, should the popularity of Stranger Things continue to skyrocket-and those involved continue to be interested-it's possible the series could run beyond four seasons.

Will's "exorcism" of The Mind Flayer's influence on him involved the evil particles being expelled into the real world, so it is possible that the Upside Down could continue to have an influence on Hawkins. "We're excited [to] spend more time with Max and develop her in a way...we're sort of scratching the surface on this season of what I think she's capable of". "It always ends up different than we were ever expecting". The Duffer brothers confirmed this to THR as well, but how many years or months exactly is still unknown.



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