Memorials being held to remember victims of 1989 Montreal Massacre


Memorials being held to remember victims of 1989 Montreal Massacre

"Today marks the 28th anniversary of the day that 14 women were murdered at École Polytechnique de Montréal, exclusively due to their gender".

"Unions have a significant role to play in ensuring women's safety at home and in the workplace and in advocating for support for women facing violence every day".

"It's a day where we need to recognize that we have made some stride and that there is a great amount of awareness, but it's a day to challenge us, in hearing all of the names of the women who have been at the hands of gender based violence over the past year", says OPP Insp. He shot and killed 14 women, while injuring 14 others.

On the anniversary of the massacre at Ecole Polytechnique, people like Senior take time out of their busy days to commemorate the young lives lost in a shocking act of violence, women killed simply for being women.

The stark reality is that half of all Canadian women have experienced at least 1 incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16. The killings became known as the Montreal Massacre.

"Hearing about the frightful tragedy that happened here was a real eye-opener for me, recognizing that even relatively recently there was a lot of violence towards women who wanted to pursue male-dominated fields", she said after the ceremony. Even when a person insists they meant nothing by it, it still promotes a culture of violence and discrimination that has serious and real impact on women.

The data compiled from this survey provided tools for unions and women's organizations to pressure the federal and provincial governments to take concrete action on the issues.

The OPP say women are still at a higher risk than men of being victims of violence. "But violence against women is still a very present-day problem, in both our countries".

Attendees placed orange flowers next to the names of the victims, with the colour orange symbolizing a movement to end violence against women.

Carla Bertsch, whose new position with the U of C is one of the results of that commitment, provides a passionate speech on what is needed to create a society where gender-based violence is eradicated, one that includes men and women working together.



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