Local experts urge caution over Facebook's new Messenger Kids app


Local experts urge caution over Facebook's new Messenger Kids app

"This app could put pressure on parents to introduce social media earlier to children who may not have developed the emotional resilience to cope with engaging with others online".

Another user going by the name @AfrikanNerd tweeted saying "Facebook Refugees" are trying to figure out how to use Twitter.

"Messages won't send nor can I receive messages".

But, only a handful of messaging and social apps - like Kudos, a photo-sharing app - are designed for younger children to use with parental permission and supervision. They'll be able to see when their contacts are online, and then they can send them photos, videos, or text messages.

Messenger Kids is a simplified version of Facebook's existing messaging app which needs parents to approve any contacts added by their children.

Adult friends and relatives will receive their decorated messages via the regular Facebook Messenger app. Every additional friend request requires approval by the parent. Facebook's safeguards have made it more hard for strangers to contact a child, they said.

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is spending December on parental leave with his two daughters, hasn't spoken publicly yet about Messenger Kids. It also adds Snapchat-like masks and filters, including a "library of kid-appropriate and specially chosen GIFs, frames, stickers, masks and drawing tools lets them decorate content and express their personalities".

Facebook has launched preview of Messenger Kids.

Facebook in its response wrote: "On Thursday November 30 just after midnight Pacific time we bacame aware that a few people were having issues with their Messenger accounts".

The idea is to make sure that parents have full control over the online experience of their children, and Messenger Kids is one such app created to open lines of communication along the way.

On Monday, Facebook announced its newest child-friendly application, Messenger Kids, now rolling out among iOS users in the United States.

There are concerns the app could lead to more online bullying.

JEREMY HUNT today blasted Facebook for launching a new app aimed directly at under-13s despite promising to protect young children. Facebook's live video streaming feature, for example, has been used for lots of the useful things and innocuous stuff, but also to stream suicides and crimes.

The U.K. health secretary on Tuesday attacked Facebook's plans to create an app for young users, telling the social media platform to "stay away from my kids".



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