Library of Congress will no longer archive all tweets


Library of Congress will no longer archive all tweets

Twitter gave the Library of Congress an archive in 2010 containing every public tweet since its launch four years earlier, as well as access to subsequent tweets posted publicly by the platform's millions of monthly users.

The Library will work with Twitter to acquire tweets on a selective basis.

Twitter has come a long way since one of its founders, Jack Dorsey, posted the first tweet on March 21, 2006.

However, the Library of Congress said the "nature of Twitter" and the social media landscape has changed significantly and has therefore made a decision to change its collection strategy in the new year. "The initiative was bold and celebrated among research communities", the release said.

"The Library now has a secure collection of tweet text, documenting the first 12 years (2006-2017) of this dynamic communications channel-its emergence, its applications and its evolution", the blog post says.

Today, we announce a change in collections practice for Twitter.

It may sound odd, but since 2010 the library has been archiving your silly jokes and trolling on Twitter, in addition to any tweets of historical importance.

"The Library continuously reviews its ongoing acquisitions, whether subscriptions to newspapers or the receipt of tweets via a gift", the Library proclaimed.

The new collection policy will go into effect on 31 December.

"As the twelfth year of Twitter draws to a close, the Library has chose to change its collection strategy for receipt of tweets on December 31, 2017". So that means for now we can not see this classless, albeit hilarious original Tweet by Donald Trump on September 11, 2013 which he has since deleted. Throughout its history, the Library has seized opportunities to collect snapshots of unique moments in human history and preserve them for future generations. "Future generations will learn much about this rich period in our history, the information flows, and social and political forces that help define the current generation".



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