Kaley Cuoco Gets Engaged to Karl Cook After Two Years of Dating


Kaley Cuoco Gets Engaged to Karl Cook After Two Years of Dating

On Cuoco's 32nd birthday, her now-fiancé asked the Big Bang Theory star to be his bride, bringing her to tears.

Kaley Cuoco and professional equestrian Karl Cook announced their engagement Thursday.

She said, "Still crying, every part of this night has been perfection just like you @mrtankcook I love you forever!"

"You still haven't said "yes" yet", Cook responds.

In the caption of the totally precious post, Karl wrote, "Well after almost two years I finally got up the courage to ask her to marry me".

Speaking previously, Kaley said: "I feel very, very lucky that I found someone like him".

"Who knew my prior post was oracular". "The Big Bang Theory" star cried out in the video, covering her face with her hands.

"She is very happy with Karl".

The post read: "I am so so so happy".

Karl also shared a photo of the lovely pear-shaped diamond ring he presented Kaley.

And, in yet another post, Cook shared a video of him dancing with Cuoco to the song "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran.

A short time before actually popping the question, Cook teased Cuoco with a fake ring while the two were shopping at Target.

They got engaged after three months of dating, marrying on December 31 in 2013 with the actress opting for a pink dress.They split in 2015 with their divorce happening a year later. She took the relationship public when she shared a photo of her and Cook on Instagram in March 2016, after Cook won the $50,000 Card Flex Grand Prix. They are in it for the long run but she doesn't know what the future holds.



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