Free flu vaccine clinics to open in Springfield


Free flu vaccine clinics to open in Springfield

The upcoming flu season may be a particularly severe one in the USA, some medical experts warned today, citing preliminary data from Australia, where the flu season is waning. "The flu can spread like wildfire, and these settings can act just like kindling".

Abilene's Health Director Santos Navarrette Jr. told us how this may impact the U.S. Last season, the SCDHEC saw peaks of the flu in late February and March.

USA health officials are bracing for a devastating flu season this winter that many people won't even be able to ward off with their annual flu shot. However, if North America's flu season is anything like Australia's, then it will be a bad one. The flu vaccine utilized this year in Australia, has similar composition as the vaccine utilized in the US. The country is often used as a model for how vaccines will perform in the States.

High-dose vaccines As people age, their immune systems weaken, which means the elderly benefit less than younger people from a standard flu shot.

FACT: Each year, the seasonal influenza vaccine includes the strains that researchers found will be most prevalent throughout the season.

Universal flu vaccines could make the yearly flu shot - not to mention the yearly guessing game about which viral strains to match - a thing of the past. "So if you need to be out and about running errands and meeting up with friends and family, it's wise to protect yourself-and them-as best you can". "We're not saying it's a great vaccine", Bregier said. In 2016, the NEJM reports that flu shots were able to stop H3N2 34 percent of the time.

That's not a reason for Americans to skip the flu shot this year, Fauci said. "However imperfect, current influenza vaccines remain a valuable public health tool, and it is always better to get vaccinated than not to get vaccinated", wrote the authors of the perspective. Dr. Fauci also stated that this flu season could be a lot like the 2014 season.

"We had studied M2 for years, but one day recently a student in my lab noticed that the M2 in the LAIV influenza A viruses contains a mutation in the same part of the protein that we had previously identified as affecting viral replication", Pekosz says.



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