Flu season off to early, fast start


Flu season off to early, fast start

"December is when flu season historically starts to peak in New Mexico and nationwide, and the flu cases are expected to be most common now through next March", State Epidemiologist Michael Landen said.

The Centers for Disease Control said MA was one of four states to report widespread flu activity in the country the previous week.

Compared to this time a year ago, experts say there are double the number of confirmed cases of the flu.

Experts fear this year's flu season could be particularly severe, and are wondering if the vaccine might need to be redesigned in the face of new strains that make it less effective.

The CDC says people who get flu shots have a 40 per cent to 60 per cent lower chance of getting seriously ill than the unvaccinated.

Flu season off to early, fast start

Besides fear of needles, some people don't get vaccinated because they worry about getting sick from the vaccine, but since the virus in the vaccine has been killed, that's not possible.

A given year's flu vaccine may often be only about 50 percent effective, because the flu virus mutates so quickly that sometimes the strains in the vaccine just aren't a great match for the current strains of the virus.

Edmonton has seen 167 cases of influenza in 2017.

U.S. doctors are bracing for a potentially miserable winter because of ineffective flu shots. 'Vaccines remain a valuable public health tool, and it is always better to get vaccinated than not to get vaccinated'. Since then, a handful of people have come to Public Health with flu-like symptoms and were referred to their doctors for diagnosis and treatment. A small percentage of people do get a mild flu-like reaction after a flu shot that may last about a day. Those at risk for the flu include elders older than 65 and children younger than 5. "I'd say we're about three or four weeks ahead of where we would be in a typical year - but many years are atypical". The five-year average for this point in the flu season is 102 cases for Arizona and 6.4 cases for Coconino County. "The best flu vaccine is the one that you get".



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