Amazon is bringing Alexa to the workplace


Amazon is bringing Alexa to the workplace

You can say things like "Alexa, play It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" or "Alexa, watch 60 Minutes" or "Alexa, search for comedies on SHOWTIME". "People already love Amazon Alexa in their homes, and importantly, they already know how it works".

Alexa for Business will also enable IT departments to manage and provision 25 Alexa-enabled devices at a time, and assign skills like the integrations mentioned above, or integrations they build themselves, and manage who can use them.

Alexa for Business can help automate tasks like starting conference calls, controlling conference room equipment, scheduling meetings, keeping track of tasks, or reordering supplies.

News of Amazon's plan to bring its Echo devices into the boardroom leaked yesterday, but Amazon's Werner Vogels, chief technology officer and vice president, officially launched the new product during a keynote address at AWS re:Invent 2017.

Voice commands will transform the way we interact with office devices and backend IT infrastructure, according to AWS, which is bringing Alexa into the workplace. "As we continue to innovate, we're focused on creating digital programs with industry leaders like Amazon that make the Fridays experience more convenient for guests to recreate at home". The speaker adds an additional layer of authenticity to the experience. And Amazon has expanded its line of Echo devices and made it possible for other companies to insert Alexa into their devices.

That is a departure from Amazon's normal requirement that Alexa devices be tied to a shopper's Prime account to unlock all features.

Alexa for Business also integrates with popular productivity software from Microsoft Office and Google, as well as Concur and Splunk, to check calendars, schedule meetings, manage to-do lists and set reminders.

"As part of the developer preview, we built a private Alexa for Business skill that allows our teams to quickly check the status on our systems, or to request specific updates on high severity events, but we needed a way to make this available to our teams without publishing it in the Alexa Skills Store". For instance, you can ask Alexa to tell Ghost to save your current loadout as your Crucible loadout (or Nightfall, Strike, or Trials of the Nine Loadout).



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