A Brand New MEGA MAN Game is Coming in 2018


A Brand New MEGA MAN Game is Coming in 2018

What will possibly excite Mega Man fans even more, however, is that Mega Man 11 has also been announced.

In a frenzy of Mega Man-themed news, Capcom has unveiled a brand-new mainline series entry in the form of Mega Man 11, re-releases for all Mega Man X games, and the long-awaited release of both Mega Man Legacy Collections on Switch.

Capcom on Monday during its 30 anniversary celebration for Mega Man revealed a brand new game in the franchise.

Mega Man 11 will stay true to it's beloved action/side-scrolling roots but just with an updated look and 3D visuals.

It's not a Mega Man game these days unless you spend some time on a construction site. In addition to Mega Man 11, Capcom announced that Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime next year.

Summer 2018 is, though, when Capcom will start releasing Mega Man X games on PC. We are now in development of Mega Man 11. Wily as the evil scientist produces berserk machines, as well as, Robot Masters, which Mega Man must defeat in order to take their weapons. The first game contains Mega Man 1-6, while the second contains 7-10.

Mega Man is a big part of gaming culture.

The announcement was made during the franchise's 30th anniversary livestream. Will you buy the games if they are stand alone only? Either way, though, it's the most love the series has gotten since X8 came out for the PS2 more than a decade ago.

For 3 decades now, Mega Man has been THE character at Capcom that has brought the most joy to their fans, as well as pay for a lot mortgages in the process.



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