Woman raises more than $250K for homeless man who helped her


Woman raises more than $250K for homeless man who helped her

Bobbitt told her to get back into her vehicle and lock her doors, and he used his last $20 to go to the station and purchase her a can of gas.

"I believe that with a place to be able to clean up every night and get a good night's sleep, his life can get back to normal", she wrote.

Since then, McClure, 27, has stopped by Bobbitt's spot on the side of the road several times with cash or supplies for the veteran, but she wanted to return Bobbitt's kindness tenfold.

"[Johnny] saw me pull over and knew something was wrong", McClure wrote in a GoFundMe post.

"He said, 'I'll be back". And McClure was thinking about Johnny, too.

In addition to McClure providing Johnny with gift cards, clothing, and a few dollars when she sees him, she started a GoFundMe account to give him more.

"For the short time that we took [the campaign] down, though, it is obvious that people still want to donate to this cause".

She has raised more than $300,000 from 10,400 people as of Friday morning. A friend of Bobbitt Jr. from North Carolina, who didn't want to be named said that Bobbitt Jr. had a "good heart" and was a skillful paramedic who also had the skills to become a doctor.

She added that Johnny came to Philly around a year ago for a job, but the opportunity fell through and he ended up spending the rest of his savings.

Reportedly, Bobbitt only blamed himself for being homeless.

The Washington Post was unable to reach McClure on Thursday, but she talked about her chance meeting with Bobbitt on the GoFundMe page.

"This has surpassed our wildest expectations", McClure said. "I'm sure you'd respect our privacy".

Last week, they surprised Johnny with the campaign, telling him they had already raised $1,700 and planned to keep going.

"That changes my life, right there", Johnny said.

"I have honestly met more good people than bad, I honestly have, that's awesome".

And now, the couple are enjoying making him happy. She told him she didn't have any money and he told her to wait inside the vehicle with the doors locked.

"When I still look at (the GoFundMe), it blows my mind", McClure said.



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