Who Is Rory Farquharson, Malia Obama's New Boyfriend?


Who Is Rory Farquharson, Malia Obama's New Boyfriend?

Farquharson was an extra in the video that aired during the 2015 Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony, which also featured an appearance from Prince Harry.

The former head boy at England's prestigious Rugby School spent a summer here as an intern with the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building.

In addition to his roles on the rugby team and golf club, Farquharson was also a member of the chemistry club, Blue Bunsen Society.

Last autumn, the 19-year-old posted a photo of himself at Harvard with the caption: 'So it begins.' But he could not have predicted the media frenzy after he was filmed with president Barack Obama's daughter, also 19, at the Harvard-Yale football game in CT on Saturday.

- The mysterious man kissing Malia Obama has since been identified as Rory Farquharson a sophomore student from Britain.

"One is (their mother) Michelle", he explained. As you may know, this isn't the first time Malia has suffered click-bait invasions of privacy.

"I don't worry about it because they're really solid, smart girls - young ladies now".

Yale hosted this year's face off, which saw Harvard students decamping down to New Haven to tailgate at their rival's campus before the game.

The pupil elected to the role, usually by a head teacher, must act as a pillar of the school and a go-between for teachers and student peers. In 2016, he said that he was "pretty relaxed" about Malia and younger sister Sasha dating, telling a North Carolina radio station: "They've had Secret Service. These poor young men come by my house and..." She also worked as an assistant for Halle Berry in 2014. To be clear, it's not known what Malia may have been smoking in the video to produce the smoke for her smoke ring trick.

"Everybody couldn't really see her as a PA, although she tried and tried to be one".

"Loathsome", she wrote. "Just loathsome".



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