The King of Pops' Tree Elves deliver Christmas trees to your door


The King of Pops' Tree Elves deliver Christmas trees to your door

When looking for the centerpiece for all things Christmas, for many families, it starts at Lowes Creek Tree Farm. If the needles pull out easily, or if they appear a boring, lifeless green, that tree may be past its prime.

"Back in 2014, we recognised there was very much a trend for artificial trees at that time that were very stripped out and minimalist, following a Scandinavian approach, where you could see the light coming through between the branches". Both claim they had the first trees; Tallinn in 1441 and Riga in 1510.

There's a high demand for fresh Christmas trees in Mississippi.

If you keep your tree watered, Maki says it should last an average of seven weeks.

They gather in a circle around the tree, holding hands, and sing "Oh, Christmas Tree". They hold their needles well, but only if care is taken to make sure they never run out of water.

Check the wires. Sypeck always wants wires from the lights and the trunk to be hidden, making it one of her top considerations on her faux tree buying checklist.

Ask yourself: Does the tree look realistic?

Make sure your tree stand holds at least one gallon of water, and a larger reservoir is better still.

Also, make sure your tree is away from heat sources, as these tend to dry out the trees and increase the risk level.

Coan said the wholesale price of trees from the Northwest went up almost 50 percent this year due to the shortages. No water additives are needed, but keeping the base in water is a must.

Farmers like Shumate meticulously set their trees in symmetrical rows; they don't just yank trees out of forests or cut off the tops of 30-foot trees, Shumate said.

Even having it next to a heater vent could be risky, since it'll dry out the tree and make it easier to burst into flames.

If you simply don't have room for a proper tree, there are other alternatives, such as long dogwood-style twigs or other branches which you could put in a vase and decorate with baubles to give the room a festive air. Tree farms are also a great habitat for wildlife to live.



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