The John Lewis Ad Has Arrived


The John Lewis Ad Has Arrived

John Lewis' hotly anticipated Christmas advert appears to have enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive reception online.

The soundtrack to the ad, which is said to have cost £7m to make, is a classic Beatles song, Golden Slumbers from the 1969 Abbey Road album, re-recorded by rock band Elbow.

Joe and Moz are proper cuties, and form a friendship and play together every evening, but staying awake through the night starts to take its toll on Joe, who can hardly keep his eyes open during the day.

For Christmas, Joe receives the ideal gift of a night light which helps him finally get some peace and quiet from Moz, and a good night's kip.

"Moz and Joe's story is magical and heart-warming and I'm sure it will be loved by all of our customers, young and old". We are really proud to be involved'.

The ad, produced by students from the School Of Communication Arts in London, also made a few more budget swaps in its bid to promote Monster Discounts rather than Moz The Monster. Though it's technically a two-minute advertisement for John Lewis, a high-end department store chain throughout the United Kingdom, it feels more like a feel-good short film. The retailer will make a donation to children's charity Barnardo's from the sale of Moz mugs and cuddly toys.

How can you get involved?

Now, fans can see behind the scenes of the most watched festive advert on British television and find out exactly how Moz the Monster was brought to life. Google Home customers will also be able to personalise their story, choosing their own sound effects.

Data compiled by data analytics company Meltwater showed that by early afternoon on Friday - hours after the commercial went live on the internet - it had already been mentioned approximately 36,000 times on Twitter, with the majority expressing a neutral or positive sentiment, based on wording.



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