Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton Trolls 'Hope I Get Raped'


Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton Trolls 'Hope I Get Raped'

Her decision not to endorse Clinton, and to support Green Party candidate Jill Stein instead, has not been without consequences, Sarandon admitted.

"I got from Hillary people, 'I hope your crotch is grabbed, ' 'I hope you're raped, ' " she said, the Hollywood Reporter reported. "Misogynistic attacks", Sarandon complained, referring to her harassers as "Hillary Trolls'". "Clinton supporters attacked her with the argument "'How dare you! "I'm not attacked from the right at all", she said. She stuck to her position in the Guardian interview.

The Thelma and Louise star described Hillary Clinton as inauthentic and an opportunist.

"I did think she was very, very risky", Sarandon said in an interview with The Guardian. We would still be fracking, we would be at war [if she was president].

On believing Clinton was risky: "I did think she was very, very unsafe". It wouldn't be much smoother.

When Sarandon announced she stands with Dreamers earlier this year, she says she received backlash from leftist critics who blamed her for the very predicament she was speaking out against.

She certainly raises a lot of interesting questions. "There's just a culture, starting in the 60s and 70s, where there was a certain amount of liberation that made it possible for those things to happen without even seeing yourself as a victim".

Head to The Guardian to read Sarandon's full interview, where she talks more about politics and her thoughts on Hollywood's sexual harassment scandal.

Ahead of the 2016 election, as Democrats urged women to vote Clinton because she's a woman, Sarandon resisted the call, saying that she does not "vote with [her] vagina". Since Donald Trump's election, Sarandon has criticized him time and again in the first year of his presidency, calling him a "horrible person" and questioning whether he'll make it through the whole term.



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