Stranger Things season 2: huge ratings reported


Stranger Things season 2: huge ratings reported

U.S. ratings service Nielsen, which began measuring Netflix viewership in August, says some 15.8 million American viewers watched the first episode of Stranger Things season 2 by October 29th, its third day of release.

Netflix has a thing about not releasing any viewership data.

The data submitted by Twitter only suggest that "Stranger Things" is today's most popular streaming show.

Producer Shawn Levy has revealed that there are in fact very few deleted scenes from the new season. Last month, it introduced a new Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) Content Ratings system, aimed specifically at streaming programs. So, we don't know how exactly to accept these numbers. Meanwhile, the first seasons of "House of Cards" and "Stranger Things" premiered last June 9, a Friday.

Nielsen said 361,000 people binge-watched all nine episodes over the first three days. From what we have seen on social media, I think that number is actually much higher. The report also says that 4.6 million viewers made it through all nine episodes in those same first three days of release, and that 361,000 viewers in the USA watched the entire second season in the first twenty-four hours.

Just how many people watch Netflix shows has been a mystery dogging the rest of the television industry since the streaming service began pouring money into original series more than four years ago.

According to the Deadline report, these numbers do not reflect mobile viewing, only TV viewing. Anyone who watches on a phone, computer or tablet isn't counted.

Netflix didn't have a direct response to the "Stranger Things 2" figures, but in the past it has maintained that Nielsen's measurements aren't accurate.



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