Shot clock to be introduced at 2018 Australian Open


Shot clock to be introduced at 2018 Australian Open

"If you want to have matches like I played here with Novak [Djokovic], the three finals, the kind of match that the crowd is more involved in because the points are so long, well, you can not expect to play 50-shot rallies and in 25 seconds be ready to play the next tennis point".

Meanwhile, participants at the 2018 Australian Open will compete under a 25-second shot clock that was tested in U.S. Open qualifying this year.

The 16-time Grand Slam champion is renowned for his pedantic behaviour between points, taking time to prod and poke at himself, not to mention the numerous amount of ball bounces. It was also used at the recent Next Gen ATP Finals.

As the ATP stated some time ago, these rules could be implemented to other events if this experimentation had been successful. Players will be fined up to $20,000 to go beyond the stipulated time limit of: 1-minute after walk-on to be ready for the pre-match meeting, followed by the 5 minute warm-up, then 1 minute to be ready to start the match. "I do see the problem of the 32 seeds, plus you have eight seeds who get byes at Masters 1000 [events]".

Other alterations include potential sizable fines for players who retire or perform "below professional standards" in first-round matches, the strict enforcement of the timing of the pre-match warm-up and a plan to revert back from 32 seeds to 16 from 2019.

The intended change of policy comes after a two-day meeting of the Grand Slam Board (GSB) in London last week.

During the ATP Finals, the Grand Slam Board had a meeting and made a decision to change some rules for the four Grand Slams, starting from the next Australian Open, the first Slam of the year. A player would be subject to warnings and eventually point penalties for clock violations.

The Grand Slam rule states that in order to get 50 percent of the prize money, a player must officially withdraw after noon on the Thursday before the tournament begins. The replacement Lucky Loser will receive the remaining 50% plus any additional prize money earned thereafter.



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