Russian jet intercepts USA aircraft over Black Sea


A spokesperson for the Pentagon tells CNN that a Russian fighter jet made an "unsafe", unprovoked intercept of a USA aircraft in worldwide waters on Saturday, Nov. 25.

The U.S. P-8A Poseidon did nothing to provoke the maneuver, defense spokesperson Michelle Baldanza told the Daily News. "The Russian SU-30 crossed in front of the P-8 (from right to left) in afterburner causing a 15 degree roll and violent turbulence".

28 de noviembre de 2017, 07:16Moscow, Nov 28 (Prensa Latina) A Russian fighter SU-30 flew over a USA reconaissance aircraft Poseidon (P-8A) and forced it to retreat from a zone near the airspace of this country over the Black Sea, informed the Ministry of Defense. The incident reportedly lasted 24 minutes.

"The P-8 was forced to fly through the jet wash of the SU-30", Baldanza said.

A US Navy P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine warfare aircraft was intercepted by a Russian Air Force Su-30 Flanker fighter jet on November 25.

Moscow intercepted in June an American B-52 bomber along the Russian border over the Baltic Sea.

"The US aircraft was operating in worldwide airspace and did nothing to provoke this Russian behavior", Pentagon spokesperson Michelle Baldanza said.

As a result of the "provocative" manoeuvre, the United States aircraft did "a 15-degree roll" that could have caused "serious harm and injury to all air crews involved", a U.S. official said.

"Unsafe actions have the potential to cause serious harm and injury to all air crews involved", Baldanza told the outlet.



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