Poland Independence Day: Thousands take part in far-right rally


Phrases such as "pure Poland, white Poland" were shouted during the march.

Other events were also held in the city for Independence Day, which marks the country regaining independence 123 years after it was carved up by Tsarist Russia, Prussia, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. "We are proud that so many Poles have chose to take part in a celebration connected to the Independence Day holiday".

Police estimated the number of people who took part in the rally to be 60,000.

There were also many families and older people in attendance.

Poland celebrates this Independence Day from the old powers on November 11, the same day as the Armistice of 1918 that ended the war.

It attracted far-right agitators from elsewhere in Europe, including Tommy Robinson from the United Kingdom and Roberto Fiore from Italy.

They were campaigning for a "white Europe", as well as spreading messages about "standing against liberals" and "defending Christian values".

And to this day, Poland has refused to take in immigrants.Commenting on the situation, Polish politician Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz had said that, "Poland will never close its doors to orphans, but let the young men fight for the freedom of their countries".

In previous years, there were violent clashes between the marchers and anti-fascist demonstrators but this year thousands of police sealed off the streets, as well as the central Warsaw Poniatowski Bridge, and there was no contact with any protesters against the march.

"It was a lovely sight", Mariusz Błaszczak, Poland's interior minister, said.

'I'd say some people here do have extreme views, maybe even 30 percent of those marching, but 70 percent are simply walking peacefully, without shouting any fascist slogans, ' he told the AFP.

'It's 50,000 to 100,000 mostly football hooligans hijacking patriotism, ' the 50-year-old said.

"For me it's important to support the anti-fascist coalition, and to support fellow democrats, who are under pressure in Poland today", he said.

The accident, which claimed the lives of several high-ranking Polish government officials (including his brother, then-President Lech Kaczyński) has become a rallying point for right-wing conspiracy theorists who believe that it was a deliberate act by Russian Federation.

All living former Polish presidents attended, as well as European Union president Donald Tusk.

In Poland the anniversary of the 80th independence Day is celebrated with a special scale.

Relations between Brussels and Warsaw have worsened in recent months because of the PiS government's controversial court reforms, large-scale logging in a primeval forest and refusal to welcome migrants.



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