OJ Simpson kicked out of Cosmopolitan Hotel for allegedly being unruly drunk


OJ Simpson kicked out of Cosmopolitan Hotel for allegedly being unruly drunk

O.J. Simpson was just paroled from a Nevada prison last month, but he's already been banned from one of the Las Vegas Boulevard Strip's most glittering and celeb-studded casino resorts, according to his lawyer.

TMZ reported Thursday that Simpson, who was acquitted of murdering his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman in 1995, was drunk and abusive with staff at the hotel's Clique bar. The disgraced gridiron great was reportedly pleasant to the guards.

The Juice got loose at a Las Vegas hotel - getting booted after a scuffle at the bar late Wednesday, according to a report.

He now resides in a gated community in Las Vegas. Listen, I don't blame him.

Eyewitnesses spotted Simpson inside the hotel shortly after midnight. Simpson, who was apparently trying to steal memorabilia he thought had been stolen from him, was sentenced to 33 years in prison.

A police dispatcher, referring to Simpson by his full first name said "Orenthal is here" in an audio recording obtained by USA website TMZ, which reported he had become "drunk and disruptive".

Laying low isn't really in Simpson's nature.

Simpson was released from prison shortly after midnight October 1 after serving nine years of a 33-year sentence for robbing sports memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2007.

The former National Football League was famously acquitted for his wife's murder back in 1994.



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