New Zealand's New Labor Government To Ban Foreigners From Buying Homes


New Zealand's New Labor Government To Ban Foreigners From Buying Homes

"Members of Auckland Peace Action have today delivered a warning to both Malcolm Turnbull and to Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton that their failure to save the lives of 700 innocent people will result in arrest warrants being sought should they try to come to New Zealand".

"We of course do not have the circumstances that Australia is operating under, but we also can not ignore the human face of what Australia is dealing with".

The two leaders will head to the Vietnam next weekend for the APEC Summit and also discussed the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Turnbull noted that he had shelved the offer in part due to prioritising dealings with the United States - which may settle up to 1250 asylum seekers, if they pass the United States' high vetting standards.

Speaking to the ABC, Shorten said "Australia is not and must not be a resettlement option but it is [Prime Minister Malcolm] Turnbull's responsibility to work with other nations on resettlement options".

"What we are seeking to do is ensure there are opportunities for resettlement for the people on Manus Island and Nauru", he said. They feared for their safety if they had to leave the compound.

The New Zealand government firmed up plans Tuesday to prevent foreigners from buying houses in the country, saying it wanted the new law in place early next year.

Australia's concern in the past has been that refugees will settle in New Zealand and then move to Australia but Ardern said there were ways to deal with that.

It comes after a government backbencher broke ranks to support sending refugees to New Zealand to help end the stand-off on Manus Island.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten believes the federal government should accept the offer.

"The reality is, we have an intractable problem at the present time", he told Sky News.

It was hoped a final agreement could be reached when world leaders meet next week but Japanese officials say attempts at renegotiation could cause the new TPP-11 proposal to collapse.



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