Mother of raped toddler blames school


Mother of raped toddler blames school

The police have registered a rape case, but they are reportedly consulting legal experts on how to proceed against such a young accused; a child below seven years of age can not be charged under the law.

"The Indian Penal Code (IPC) provides children below seven years of age certain protections against prosecution". The girl's mother alleged that the school didn't take her complaint alleging the digital rape of the child seriously and refused to help her.

According to the mother, the child told her that a boy from her class opened her trousers and touched her undergarments. It was then the Police registered the case. According to the complaint, the girl had complained of pain in her private parts after returning from school on Friday.

Talking to the Hindustan Times, the girl's mother said: "Since I had trained my daughter about the concepts of "right" and "wrong" touch, she knew right from the beginning that whatever was happening to her was not right". "She says she wants to eat a lot of food so that she can grow strong and beat up anyone who tries to hurt her in the future", the mother said.The girl, who is on way to physical recovery, has not been opening up with outsiders, the mother added. A medical-legal was made first and later a police case was registered against the four-year-old boy at the Dwarka south police station.

When the parents took the girl to doctors, they told them that their daughter was sexually assaulted. The family of the girl has also alleged negligence on part of the school when they approached them. She told her mother that a boy from her class unbuttoned her trousers in the classroom and used his finger to assault her.

"She tried to push him but to no avail as there were no other children in the classroom and there was no staff around", the statement stated.

She claims that she was probably assaulted twice, once in the classroom and next in the washroom. We are also looking for CCTV footage or if anything was captured.

Experts advised investigators to handle the case with sensitivity.

A four-year-old boy was booked by Delhi police for "raping" his classmate in a private school in south-west Delhi.



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