Jennifer Lawrence single again, after split with Darren Aronofsky


Jennifer Lawrence single again, after split with Darren Aronofsky

Recently Jennifer Lawrence lives in a fairly dense graph. She was also the highest paid actress in 2015 and 2016.

After working on nearly three movies a year for the past seven years, a break from the spotlight is well-deserved for the Academy Award-nominated actress.

"I want to get a farm", she told ELLE.

Her desire to stop and smell the roses should come as no surprise. According to the actress, she doesn't focus on the tickets sold (at least not for long), but instead does her part, acts, and then moves forward. The workload is tremendous, and just a few years ago, Lawrence said she thrived on it.

Yet Lawrence has already contradicted that sentiment this year.

Jennifer Lawrence, the Preeminent Kim Kardashian Historian of Our Time, is even more relatable than previously thought. "That was ridiculous. I was insane".

Regardless, Lawrence's retirement plans will still have to wait a while. Due out next year, Fox's Red Sparrow sees Lawrence as a ballerina-turned-spy. In addition to that project, Jen just wrapped her reportedly last movie in the X-Men franchise, and is also set to star in Bad Blood, a biopic of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes.

Jennifer Lawrence grew up on a horse farm in Louisville, Kentucky, but when she was discovered by a modeling scout on the streets of NYC at the age of 14, everything changed.



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