Israel strikes Syria, Assad responds with anti-aircraft missiles


Israel strikes Syria, Assad responds with anti-aircraft missiles

The Lebanese government is also expected to lodge a complaint against Israel at the United Nations in the coming days for allegedly using its airspace to carry out the strikes.

Israeli jets on November 1 carried out an airstrike in western Syria, south of the city of Homs, according to reports.

Israeli warplanes have flown over Lebanese airspace into Syria where they carried out an airstrike, a Lebanese security official said Thursday.

An Israeli air strike targeted a factory south of the Syrian city of Homs on Wednesday and the Syrian army responded by firing a surface-to-air missile at the aircraft, a commander in a military alliance fighting in support of Damascus said. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it was still unclear whether the depot belonged to the Syrian government or its Lebanese ally Hezbollah.

Earlier in the night, residents of eastern Lebanon reported seeing Israeli jets flying overhead.

Last month, the IDF bombed a Syrian anti-aircraft battery after it fired an interceptor missile at an Israeli reconnaissance plane that Israel says was flying over Lebanon.

There was no immediate comment from Israel.

This incident follows on from a recent series of skirmishes between the two countries, with carrying out attacks in the form of airstrikes and assassinations, while accusing Syria and Hezbollah of provocation by rocket fire.



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