Is THIS Why Jennifer Lawrence & Darren Aronofsky Broke Up??


Is THIS Why Jennifer Lawrence & Darren Aronofsky Broke Up??

Jennifer Lawrence says she split up from boyfriend Darren Aronofsky because they were talking about his film Mother! all the time.

She may be known for her down-to-earth, friendly persona, but Jennifer Lawrence admits she's actually "incredibly rude" when she meets her fans.

She added, "If I'm eating dinner, and somebody comes up" or a flash goes off on an iPhone she becomes incredibly rude. Jennifer insisted she's never felt a reason to defend the movie and that she remains proud of Mother!, even though it has divided opinion among fans.

The 27-year-old actress admitted to becoming a little mean as a defense mechanism when approached by fans during a conversation with Adam Sandler for "Variety Studio's Actors on Actors".

"That's like my only defence".

The subject came up when Lawrence mentioned her friendship with comedian Amy Schumer. "It took me a long time to be able to do that".

In an interview with Elle, Lawrence said, "I want to get a farm". If I see somebody walking towards my table, I just go [makes a "go away" gesture].

Now, The Hunger Games actress has opened up about how distancing herself from her private and public life can be a struggle.

She went on: "You know what sometimes I do?" I go, "It's my day off".

Sandler said that's true, but Lawrence must get that too, since she's "famously light and approachable".

Jen says she usually responds with: "It's my day off, it's Sunday".

Sharing his own tips for survival in public, Sandler revealed that although he doesn't avoid fans in public, he does have his own special solution for avoiding a never-ending stream of selfies. "I sit them down, I feed them, I let them hang out with my kids", he joked. You can just explain that you would rather not have a picture taken or whatever and the person will back off most of the time.



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