HTC Vive Focus: Release date, specs and everything you need to know


HTC Vive Focus: Release date, specs and everything you need to know

Consumer electronics company HTC Corp (宏達電) yesterday unveiled the HTC Vive Focus, a standalone virtual-reality (VR) headset, at the Vive Developer Conference in Beijing. At the moment, the device, which was initially teased at Google I/O 2017 in May, will be available exclusively in China. The headset's design is unusual, taking cues from both PlayStation VR and HTC's own Vive Deluxe Audio Strap, and it comes in a bright shade of blue.

According to the press release, much like its predecessor, the HTC Vive Focus is a new VR device which enables people the freedom to enjoy virtual reality content anywhere.

HTC's standalone headsets weren't much of a secret really.

In other news, HTC and Google have just announced that they will be cancelling their plans to bring the Vive-branded Google Daydream headset to the USA market.

HTC said more than 100 developers are working on content for the Focus, but it didn't reveal any specifics.

It features an AMOLED display, and is powered by a Snapdragon 835 chip, the same processor that's in many of this year's flagship phones.

Meanwhile, Lenovo is still expected to release a standalone headset under the Google WorldSense banner - which Bavor insists is still coming - but we doubt we'll see that device until 2018.

Where can I buy the HTC Vive Focus? Right now the headset is only planned for launch in China, but that will likely change in due time.

Unlike the HTC Vive, the Vive Focus doesn't require any PC or mobile device to deliver you an immersive experience.

However, this is not the end of HTC's approach to mid-core mobile VR, which Oculus is beginning to develop for as well with the Oculus Go headset. A rather basic-looking touch and motion tracking controller also looks to be part of the Vive Touch package. More importantly, this is the first hardware implementation of the new Vive Wave platform.

HTC's Vive Focus will use the HTC Vive Wave VR platform.

HTC is yet to announce a price or release date for the Vive Focus, but the product will launch in China first before hopefully heading to the United States and beyond.



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